Mechanical engineering project – hvac

Building designed to host the Roller Hockey World Championship in Angola in 2013, later functioning as a multi-purpose pavilion.

Building Description

  • Basement – in addition to the playing area itself, various sports support areas, shows and other events, in particular the players area (athletes, courts, referees and coaches, Anti-doping control), as well as support areas for the media (press room and newsroom, spaces for quick interviews and press conferences), support areas for maintenance staff, including locker rooms, toilet facilities and canopies.
  • Ground Floor – all services and areas related by the general public, namely information counters, bars and sanitary facilities. Still on this floor there is a VIP access and a reserved access area to the administration and sports agents, commentators and journalists. At this level there are finally the bench areas for the public with reduced mobility.
  • 1st Floor – VIP áreas (cabins, lounges, bars and sanitary facilities), media and the central security and premises control.
  • 2nd Floor – stands out the fixed benches for the general public. Along the corridors are evenly distributed spaces for bars and sanitary facilities that will serve the spectators seated at this level.
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