This building with privileged location in one of the noble areas of the city – the city park – aspires to be the reflection of the exploratory nature of this territory and, simultaneously, claims to be a stimulating context – enigmatic – which challenges the sensory, perceptive and intellectual faculties of those who visit it.

The auditorium, from the tectonic viewpoint, is a synonymous with the creation of a large “container” that houses the main hall for 500 seats and all adjacent spaces.

Functionally, the building is divided into two main areas: one public and one private. The public area is subdivided into auditoriums and foyers, and the private area consists of the dressing rooms, technical support area and administrative area.

In the HVAC project, for the auditorium and foyer, given to the non-permanent use, it was defined roof-top systems with energy recovery and equipped with free-cooling modules.

For the remaining areas, the air conditioning system is ensured by one chiller heat pump and air treatment units strategically distributed.

Smoke control systems were also defined.

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